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The Books listed on this bookshelf have all been read between June 1997 and March 1998. I can recommend all. My reviews are only my opinion, but it might help you to find a good book.

U.S. Grant Soldier and President - by Geoffery Perret
This is the newest biography of President Grant. Mr. Perret's view is very friendly to Grant. Unlike that of McFeely's book of the early 1980's (which painted a ugly picture of Grant), this book looks at Grant the Man. I hope all those who read this, realize how two completely different books have been written about the same man. I guess it is how history is really written. I tend to agree with Perret's version.
Score A++
Hardcover - List $35.00 - Price $ 24.50+shipping
Theodore Roosevelt: a Life - by Nathan Miller
Absolutely the best book I read in the past year. I actually bought this book a year ago (by accident on sale !). It sat in my library collecting dust. Then one day I picked it up and never put it down. My list of Great Americans changed dramatically after reading this one. I always thought Lincoln was the greatest (after about 20 books). Now reading just one book on Teddy Roosevelt....T.R is a very close second....within inches of Abe. This book is easy reading and goes quickly. It is complete and exciting.
Score A++
Paperback List $15.00 - Price $12.00 + shipping
A Perfect Storm - by Sebastian Junger
This was a interesting true story of a commercial fishing boat that sank while out to sea. I was amazing at the accurate detail that is in this book. I got educated quickly on how dangerous it is for those who go out and get the Swordfish I eat at Red Lobster. Another book I could not put down.
Score A+
Hardcover List $23.95 - Price 16.77+shipping
Audio-tape List $18.00 - Price 12.60+shipping
P. Storm
Character Above All: Ten Presidents from FDR to George Bush - by Robert A. Wilson (ed.)
A quick read about ten modern presidents. Each chapter is written by a famous biographer of each. (Goodwin on FDR, McCullough on Truman) Nicely done...concise.
Score A
Paperback - List $12.00 - Price $9.60+shipping
Into Thin Air - by Jon Krakauer
A very exciting story out an actual climb of Mt. Everest. Many people in the climbing group died. Jon Krakauer was one of the survivors. This is his story about that death climb. I will never climb a mountain after reading this one. You gotta be crazy to climb 30,000 feet. The book was excellent ! The ABC special movie was junk.
Score A-
Hardcover - List $ 24.95 - Price 17.47+shipping
Paperback- List $ 7.99 - Price $6.39+shipping
Audio-tape- List $24.00 - Price 16.80+shipping
We Were Soldiers Once...and Young - by Gen. Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway
An outstanding account of a battle in Vietnam. Mr. Galloway and Gen. Moore did it right. No movie can come close to the feeling I had reading this book. The dialog in this book is just wonderful. I missed going to Nam, but felt I was there reading this book. This book should have received some literary prize.
Score A
Paperback - List $16.00 - Price $12.80+shipping
Audio-tape - List $17.00- Price $12.90+shipping
D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climatic Battle of WWII - by Stephen E. Ambrose
An inspiring book ! Mr. Ambrose has written a classic here. This book has the detail and emotion only few books have. Fifty years ago (before I was born) many men died on that beach so I can live free. My interest is not in WW II but this book did give a perception of being there. Can't wait for Mr. Ambrose's next book.
Score A
Hardcover - List $30.00 - Price $21.00+shipping
Paperback - List $16.00 - Price $12.80
Audio-tape - List $25.00 - Price $17.50
The Rough Riders - by Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Bak (ed)
This is a great book written by Teddy Roosevelt. This edition was printed as part of the TNT special on the Rough Riders. T.R. believe it or not wrote 35 books. This is about what he calls his "Crowded Hour". The Rough Riders history is 100 years old, but we can all learn about life, determination, and honor. This book should be a must for everyone who thinks the American Hero is gone. I wish I met this guy !!
Score A
Hardcover - List $29.95 - Price $20.97+shipping
Rough Riders
The Founding Fathers on Leadership - by Donald T. Phillips
Another classic by Mr. Phillips. This is the second book he wrote on leadership. The first is listed under my 1997 books (Lincoln on Leadership). An excellent guide to leadership and dedication. I am sure you would enjoy this book whatever your endeavor is in life.
Score A
Hardcover - List $22.00 - Price $17.60+shipping
No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt - Doris Kearns Goodwin
Pulitzer Prize Winner. A very interesting biography of FDR and Eleanor. Covers the team effort of the two. I didn't know much about them until I read this book. Goes through hard times and the good times. How they as a team motivated a country during the Great War. Reads clean and crisp.
Score A
Hardcover - List $30.00 - Price 21.00+shipping
Paperback - List $17.00 - Price 13.60+shipping
Audio-tape List $25.00 - Price $17.50+shipping
Taking Charge: The Johnson White House Tapes 1963-64 - by Michael Breschloss
This was an amazing experience. I have the audiobook of this. It includes actual tapes recordings of LBJ. Boy, I got a fresh view of that man. I can recommend the audiobook, only because it was much more affective than the book. This guy was a real character. Insecurity should be his middle name.
Score A-

Hardcover - List $30.00 - Price $21.00
Audio-tape - List $25.00 - Price 17.50
Cold Mountain - by Charles Frazier
The only novel I read this year. I am not a novel reader but had to get this one. I wasn't disappointed. Well written tale of a confederate soldier's experience walking home. The ending was too sad for me. Maybe that's why I read all that non-fiction stuff.
Hardcover - List $24.00 - Price $16.80
Audio-tape - List $18.00 - Price $12.60



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