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Palm III by 3COM
The tapered design, expanded memory, infrared transceiver for communicating with other PDAs, and flip-top cover make 3Com's Palm III even more of a dream electronic organizer for closet Star Fleet officers and harried professionals. With 2 MB of storage, the wallet-sized Palm III holds 6,000 addresses, 3,000 appointments, 1,500 to-do items, 1,500 memos, and 200 e-mail messages. The installed Graffiti Power Writing software allows you to write on the Palm III using Graffiti's shorthand alphabet. Users can also tap out letters on an on-screen keyboard using a heavy-duty stylus, which is included. Navigation through the core information management applications--memo pad, to-do list, address book, and calendar--is accomplished with six push buttons or by tapping the stylus on the backlit display.
List - $369.00 - Price 329.99+shipping
Garmin StreetPilot GPS
If you're tired of backseat drivers helping you guess your way through unfamiliar parts of town, then you may want to consider something that always knows exactly where it's at and where you should go--the StreetPilot GPS from Garmin. The StreetPilot uses satellite global positioning technology in combination with electronic maps to help you pinpoint your current position and navigate to where you want to go. The StreetPilot ships with a set of built-in electronic maps that show major roadways, airports, coastlines, lakes, and rivers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
List - $ 550.00 - Price $550.00+shipping
Garmin GPS II Plus
GPS II Plus is a lightweight, handheld unit that's extremely simple to set up. All you really need is a clear view of the sky--the graphical display shows the available satellites and the signal strengths of each. With the rocker pad and function keys, you can scroll through a variety of menus to store up to 500 way-points, display a real-time map of your movements, and even calculate the sunrise and sunset times for your present position or any stored waypoint. The GPS II Plus reports positions in latitude and longitude or the Universal Mercator grid system. Requires four AA batteries for operation. The unit is perfect for mountain bikers, fishers, hunters, backpackers, and boaters.
List - $386.35 - Price - $249.95+shipping



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