Chasing Animals

maddie picture

Maddie has already killed two field mice. Chu-Chu our Black Cocker Spaniel flushes out the mice and Maddie chases the mouse and kills it. Lately, they have been chasing my pet Chipmunk I feed daily. Recently, they trapped it in the rain gutter in back of the house. I am not letting them kill my pet chipmunk.

She chased a Big GOPHER around the yard but luckily didn't catch it. Vicki got scared when Maddie chased that big thing and called Maddie home.

This past July, she chased a mouse around my brothers house. The mouse got away. That night the mouse trap got it.

In the past few weeks, we had a Skunk and a Possum in the yard.

One of these days she is going to chase something too big.

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