Cemetery Ridge (Middle)

Pennsylvania Monument

This is the largest Monument on the Battlefield. It is located in the center of the Union line. There are bronze plaques around the base with the names of all of the Pennsylvania soldiers that fought at Gettysburg (something like the Vietnam Wall). Around the monument are large statues of important Pennsylvanians that were involved with the Civil War. There were over 30,000 home state warriors. It represented 1/3 of Meade's force. This impressive memorial is exciting to return to every time I get to the field.

PA Monument look East
The Massive Pennsylvania Monument
The largest monument at Gettysburg

Along this famous ridge thousands of Union soldiers watched and then fought in the great Pickett's Charge. All you can do when you get to this point is just wonder (what if they lost ?). When you read the many books on Gettysburg or the Civil War the possibilities of different outcomes become vividly real. That is why we should all be proud of the unsurpassed valor that occurred on this ground. North and South alike they were all Americans.

PA Monument looking South
View looking to the Southwest
This single monument dominates the field

Can you imagine what it was like for 150,000 men fighting and dying for three hot July days. I have studied the trials and tribulations of the Army Surgeons at Gettysburg. That is another story by itself.

Maddie's Gettysburg Tour

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