Cemetery Ridge (The Angle)

July 3, 1863 - Pickett's Charge

Maddie is sitting exactly at the Angle. This was where the Confederates broke through the Union line during Pickett's Charge. General Armistead died only a few feet from here. The Clump of trees is just behind Maddie

This area was pure pandemonium during that climax of the battle.

Maddie at the Angle
Maddie at the Angle
Confederate Highwater Mark

The Angle is one of the fewest places during the battle where fighting was hand-to-hand. Men were shot point blank. Cannons fired directly into men's faces.

Unbelievable Mayhem !

More Pictures at the Angle and Cemetery Ridge

The Union Line south from the Angle
View looking to the South from the Angle
The line that Pickett's Charge hit !
The Round Tops are in the distance.

Maddie's Gettysburg Tour

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