Seminary Ridge (South)

Louisiana Memorial

South along Seminary Ridge is the Louisiana Memorial. This is a spectacular scene. An angel's musical love for a dead Confederate soldier. Maddie was also touched by the soft mystic chord. There is something about walking around the ground. You get that airy feeling that something happened here that was guided by Divine Providence. I don't know but I feel it every time I go there. Maybe that is why President Eisenhower bought his farm just to the west of this spot.

Maddie looking across to Cemetery Ridge

I strongly recommend taking your family here instead of Disney World. Adults and Children can experience a real world event. Although the action was 130+ yrs. ago we all need that connection. A movie can not do it. Books help somewhat. Come to Gettysburg, go on a tour, walk the fields, and feel the new birth of Freedom. (you need about three days)

Maddie's Gettysburg Tour

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