Little Round Top (South)

General Strong Vincent & 83rd PA

July 2, 1863, Col. Strong Vincent was the key officer that hurried his men without orders to defend the Southern & Western slope of Little Round Top. He assigned the 20th of Maine to their position just to the east on the flank of the hill. This was the extreme left of the whole Union line. His last words to Col. Chamberlain was "hold that ground at all hazards." The occupation of Little Round Top by Vincent's Brigade was the right time at the right place. It was a stroke of circumstance and good luck. General Meade by telegraph requested President Lincoln a promotion of Vincent to Brigadier-General that night. Lincoln sent the commision by special messenger. But Vincent was mortally wounded and died on July 7th.

Gen. Strong Vincent
Maddie knows how important Gen. Vincent was
An Amazing Real Man !

Yes, this really happened. Can you believe that Gen. Meade in the middle of a great battle wired for this man's promotion. Chamberlain wrote a letter in 1901 stating that Strong Vincent was the real hero of Little Round Top.
ref: "The Attack and Defense of Little Round Top" by Oliver Wilcox Norton , Copyright © 1913.

Gen. Vincent atop the 83rd PA
Gen. Strong Vincent atop the 83rd PA
He was from Erie, PA

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