Little Round Top (Valor)

Gen. Stephen Weed
Lt. Charles Hazlett
Col. Patrick O'Rourke

At the crest of Little Round Top three gallant men gave thier lives. Gen. Stephen Weed was the lining up the 140th and 44th NY facing directly west with thier cannons. He was mortally shot by a sharpshooter. While giving his dying words to his best friend Col. Charles Hazlett, he too was shot in the head and died instantly. The third brave man was Col. Patrick O'Rourke. He was killed as he rushed at the head of his men to save the cannons on crest of the hill. By doing that they saved the Little Round Top cannons from being turned against the Union line.

Maddie at Col. O'Rourke's Monument
He graduated First in Class at West Point (1861) !

More Little Round Top Pictures

Maddie checking out Battery D, Fifth Artillery
The Crest ot Little Round Top is one of the most popular spots

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