Wheatfield Blood

5th Michigan

The 5th Michigan Infantry was a special force. They were one of the few that had the Spencer Repeating Rifles. This weapon automatically gave them a 20 to 1 advantage. They could get off 20 shots to a breechloading's one shot.

They fought in the Wheatfield in an area called Stony Hill under Col. Trobriand. The 5th Michigan had 40% casualities in the Weatfield. Their key stand held that postion for the Union.

5th Michigan-Maddie
Maddie & 5th Michigan's Monument
This regiment wouldn't give up !

The 63rd, 69th, and 88th New York was the famous Irish Brigade at Gettysburg. They had an Irish Wolfhound as their Mascot. Here is their Monument. The Brigade's Colonel was Patrick Kelly.

"Here, on the field of Gettyburg, where treason's banner flew,
Where rushed in wrath the Southern Grey to smite the Northern Blue,
Where'er that Blue, by valor nerved, in serried ranks was seen,
There flashed between it and the foe the daring Irish Green !"
ref: Poem by William Collins

Irish Brigade's Irish Wolfhound !
The Irish Brigade & The Irish Wolfhound
The other dog at Gettysburg

Maddie's Gettysburg Tour

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