Mickey Charles in New Jersey


"Mickey Charles"

My Name is Mickey Charles, I was born on April 12, 1995 in Stockton, NJ. I came to live with my family in Aug. 1995. They love me so much! I am the joy of their lives!

I do a lot of fun things like go to the shore on vacation and take naps with my mommy. And almost every day Mommy takes me for a long walk. I always go for the squirrels but mommy holds the leash tight so I have never gotten one.

Mickey Charles
This Photo catches Mickey's Spirit!

I always go to the College of New Jersey Track Meets and Cross Country Races. All the kids on the team love me.

My favorite things are toys that I can rip open, frosty paws dog ice cream, bananas, and chasing a ball around the yard with my nose and barking the whole while. My least favorite things are hot air ballons, garbage trucks, and boats if they are parked in the driveway or street.

Have a Great Life!

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Mickey Charles
Mickey likes to drag cushions & sometimes chews on them!

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