Maddie Gets Groomed

The coat of the Lakeland Terrier is considered one of the most difficult to groom. The reason for this is the dog must be groomed by hand. This is to obtain the correct texture, color and balance between the outer and under coats. You will not find a local professional groomer to do this grooming.
The Coat
The Lakeland Terrier's coat is two-layered.
  1. Outer Coat
    • It is hard, firm and wirey. This coat serves to protect the dog. The outer coat reveals the dog's actual color. What I mean by that is the most distal half inch of that coat shows the dog's color. As these hairs die they do not fall out. This outer layer must be stripped by hand (removed at the root).
  2. Under Coat
    • This is soft and thick. The under coat serves to keep the dog warm. The breed was bred to work in the cold rainy weather of Nothern England. It is of vital importance in their original duty. " Hunt and kill fox." The under coat must be raked or trimmed to maintain the desired texture, color and length for the dog to look like a REAL LAKELAND.

Clipping and cutting the Lakeland will damage the coat's texture and does not remove the dead hairs. Also, the true color of the dog will never be seen. Remember the actual dog's color is only on tip of the wire coat. If you clip that layer the real color of the dog will be gone.


My Personal Experience

grooming  one

Having said that, my experience grooming Lakeland Terriers is not that of an expert. I only took two lessons and practiced a lot. Maddie's coat is not that of a perfect show dog but, its a REAL Lakeland coat. That is my goal.

The Start of Maddie's Grooming
( notice that she is being completely stripped to the skin.)
grooming two

I groom Maddie in short sessions to give her a break. Usually it takes a total of two-three hours. I break it up in to short 20 minute sessions over a week. Once she is completely stripped then as her coat comes back she gets trimmed on a weekly basis. I usually trim Maddie while I watch T.V. (hockey games or the history channel).

Maddie is 3/4 groomed
( notice her ears are done )
grooming three

Maddie usually is very unhappy when we are done grooming. She seems more playful the day after she is groomed. I think the next day she feels better. I don't know what it is but she has a lot of energy once she is at this point.

Maddie looks unhappy
( need I tell you )

What you need to groom Lakelands

  1. Grooming Table (medium sized)
  2. Three types of Stripping Knives- Coarse, Medium and Fine. ( I mostly use the Fine)
  3. Small Brush (must have natural fibers)
  4. Small Steel Comb with coarse and fine teeth
  5. Pin Brush (not a slicker)
  6. Small Shears for certain trimming (inside of ears and furnishings)
  7. Small Clipper (I use my Beard Trimmer) for the under-belly only
  8. Stripping powder (lots of it) it makes stripping much easier.
  9. A small plastic tool chest to keep your equipment.
  10. YOU must be determined. (Maddie hates to be groomed)

* Remember practice will make you better. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The coat will grow back.

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