History of The Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier comes from the Lake District of Northern England near the Scottish Border. The Lake District of England has beautiful hills and mountains. It is known for the author Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit). Mrs. Potter raised a rare breed of sheep called the Herdwick Sheep. After her death, she donated several thousand acres of land for a National Park in England. The Lakeland Terrier breed was developed to protect sheep from fox.

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The main enemy of the Lakeland Terrier is the WESTMORELAND FOX . This fox is very large and combative. It takes the bravehearted Lakeland Terrier to fight and kill this foe. The reason the Lakeland Terrier is a small dog (14 inches) is that they actually go into the fox's den to face, fight and kill underground.

Here in Pennsylvania we have the Red Fox. Maddie has been looking for one to chase, but they are hard to find.

The Lakeland Terrier is considered to be an UNDERGROUND HUNTER. The body of the dog can not be wider than it's head so it can fit into the fox's hole. The dog's tail is docked so that it can be grabed to pull the dog out of the hole. They have been know to chase fox into deep holes several feet underground. At times, it is necessary to blast to get the dog out of a deep rocky hole. Rumor has it that some of the bravest dogs died stuck in these deep fox dens. There are records that some of the dogs were stuck underground for 10-12 days only to come out alive. Only after having one can you realize this dogs determination.

A famous Lakeland Terrier owner is Bill Cosby. He is know to have 4-5 Lakeland Terriers around his home. Mr. Cosby currently owns a Lakeland Terrier that is rated number 2 among all breeds this year. It's name is Ch. Reverly's Awesome Blossom. This dog will probably be a favorite at the Westminster this coming year. A few years back, Mr. Cosby was interviewed with one of his Lakeland Terriers during the American Kennel Club's Westminster Dog. Show on the USA Network. The top Lakeland Terrier handlers are Clay Coady and Peter Green. If you ever see them with a Lakeland on a dog show you know that one has a good chance of winning.

You can see U.S. A. Network's Westminster Kennel Club results from 1998 on their Web Site. The big dog show in England is Crufts Dog Show. Crufts 98 is on the WWW.

Many of todays Lakeland Terriers are somewhere along the line related to that champion, including Maddie.

If your not sure if you would like a Lakeland Terrier for a pet try the Select-A-Dog at Waltham's.

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