Maddie Traps Animals

May 1998
Maddie loves to catch animals...but she doesn't kill them.

Maddie loves to chase the animals. She has been chasing the Chipmunks around our bird feeders. Also, we have a lot of Bunny Rabbits, Squirrels, and Woodchucks.

Maddie is a humane hunter. She catches all the animals in the Havahart cages.

But if Maddie had her way she would chew up all the varmits.

Maddie sets the trap

Last year we caught 19 Chipmunks. So far this year we caught five.

Once we catch them we drive about five miles from home and set them free in the woods.

Maddie is allowed to chew one only if she catches it herself...but she is too slow and will probably never get one...she got close a couple of times though.

Chipmunk in Cage

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