Maddie's Avigo PDA

June 1998
Maddie gets a new Avigo PDA from Texas Instruments

This is one of the best products I have ever found. It has worked flawlessly with Lotus 97. Fits nicely in my shirt pocket. I think this is a excellent addition to anyone who wants to be organized !! Since, I am a big Lotus fan I feel they should let people know that this thing is around...I found this product by accident.

Maddie just got a new PDA (personal digital assistant). She found the Texas Instruments Avigo on sale at Service Merchandise.

It was only $99.00 and it included the Lotus 97 Organizer & a free leather case.

We installed the software and had it running in about 10 minutes.

Maddie with the Avigo

Now Maddie can Synchronize her appointments, phone numbers, addresses, to do lists, and memos.

It worked great with our Toshiba Tecra Portable Computer.

They can infra-red connect without cables and update both the Lotus Organizer97 and the Avigo in about 20 seconds. (no extra software needed)

Also, we downloaded Maps off the internet to take on our trips.

Synchronization Time !!

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