Maddie's Life


Maddie the Mad Dog is a 7 year old Lakeland Terrier. She was born in Grand Island, New York. on April 15, 1993. Her AKC registered name is Wyrlake Sherwood Maid Marion. Her Breeders were Susan M. Carter and Florence L. Prawel. Mrs. Prawel has been involved with Lakeland Terriers for several years. Maddie is a show quality female. I am unable to part with her for the several months for her to become a Champion.

We call her the MAD DOG because she is WILD !! She is a very energetic dog. More battery life than that bunny on T.V.

Maddie was not easy to train but did well. She now spends most of her time chasing animals such as, chipmunks in the spring, rabbits in the snow, and other critters all year round. She has her own chair, watches TV., and does not go out in the rain. She loves playing TUG-A-ROPE.

Maddie met President Clinton at a big Festival in Chicago on July 2, 1996. (actually he drove by in is limo and I helped Maddie wave to him)

Maddie had her picture taken at Wal-Mart in 1996. I think it is Maddie's Best Picture to date. She would never pose for me like that.

Maddie likes having Mighty Dog mixed with Pedigree small crunchy bites for dinner.

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