The Sherwood Lakelands


The Three Sherwood LakiesWe are, starting at the left:

We are the lovable pets of Marge Beck of Amherst, New York. I (Piper) have been given the new name of Annie. I was born on January 31, 1993. My household duties are watching the cat to make sure she doesn't come from the other side of the door. The other two are two of my babies, born on October 19, 1996. Quincey's job duties include gathering all the gumbones into his bed and making sure nobody else gets them. Suki's duties include licking all the bottles of lotion under the sink and the steamy bathroom walls in the morning.

We all play together in the house. I get the yellow ring and the other two come over and try to take it away. Sometimes I get the giant rubber jack and stick it in their faces to tease for playmates. Quincey's favorite toy is the talking Monkey. Monkey has been repaired and washed many times. Now he is a monkey without a face.

After watching the play Sylvia,by A.R. Gurney, Marge submitted this photo for Studio Arena's Pet Peeve Photo Contest. She won! Aren't we cute?

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