dc40Maddie's Summer Vacation 1998

July 1998

Maddie's Summer trip to West Virginia Mountains

Maddie spent the Fourth of July Week in the beautiful Mountains of West Virginia. She went mountain climbing, walked the woods, and explored the caverns

. Maddie's Vacation was spectacular. She stayed at the wonderful Deerfield Village in the Canaan Valley. That part of West Virginia is just great in the summertime.

Maddie & Chu Chu wanted their own bedrooms, so we stayed in a three bedroom townhouse.

Deerfield Townhouse

. Maddie and Chu Chu loved going to the Blackwater Falls State Park.

Maddie sprained her foot the first day hiking in the Mountains.

That's my Mountain Dog !!

Blackwater Falls
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Special Summer Vacation Pictures

Deerfield Village, Mountain Climbing, Waterfalls, Caverns, and Wilderness Photos

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